Perfect time management

I am often asked about my time management tips and decided I would share them with you. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so please take what works for you and ignore the rest.



Over the past 20 years there has been a tremendous amount of research around the impact of mindfulness and meditation.

There’s something that mindfulness is correlated with: reduced activity in the part of the brain where anxiety resides, improved sleep, reduced symptoms associated with depression, increased working memory, improved concentration, and a stronger immune system.

The best part? No training is required – just sit in a quiet place and focus on your breathing or try one of the many guided meditation apps ( suggestions include Headspace, calm, timer, 10% happier and simple habit.


It can be hard to find the time, but exercise is a great way to stay healthy and it provides a nice endorphin release. Try scheduling it into your day a few times a week on a recurring basis. If you have to sometimes cancel your workout for something more important, having it in your calendar means you are more likely to do it!


Resist the urge to check your email constantly; set aside a few times each day to process your email to maximize productivity. A study at University of British Columbia showed that checking email less frequently reduces stress and can save you as much as 20% of the time it takes to process your inbox.


Optimism has more to do with success than your IQ. If you operate with a ‘positive‘ brain, you will be 31% more productive than if you work on brain stressed, neutral or negative.


To save time, keep meetings short and avoid unnecessary meetings. Keep in mind that sit-down meetings take 33% longer on average, than stand-up meetings. You might also want to consider a walking meeting (said to be preferred by Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson.)


Setting aside blocks of time in your calendar makes it easier to concentrate on difficult tasks. If you know the time of day when you are best able to focus, try blocking it off with the intent of tackling your most challenging work.

Batching similar activities (emails, phone calls, etc.) makes it easier on your brain by reducing the switching between different types of tasks.


Americans, on average, get 90-minutes less sleep than the recommended eight hours a night. The same is true in the UK and Japan. Yet, in some professions, staying at the office late into the night is viewed as admirable and there is still an incorrect perception that sleeping is for lazy people.

Check out these 7 benefits of getting enough sleep:

  1. Q


Email or message notifications(the little box that floats in and out or the ding when you receive a new email) has the effect on your brain as if you’ve been up for 36 hours straight or as if your IQ dropped by 10 points. This is true, even if you do not click on it to look at the email. Your brain has been distracted from its focus. This notification is a default and was necessary (not that long ago) when we needed a reminder to check our email or messages. Do you really need that reminder?


Focusing on one (and only one) task at a time will result in better work in less time with fewer errors and less stress.

What we refer to as multitasking is more often task switching (not doing two things simultaneously but rather, switching rapidly from one task to another and then back again.) Research from Stanford University shows that task switching negatively impacts productivity.

10. PLAN

At the end of each day, spend 10 minutes reviewing your to-do list and prioritizing what is most important. Then, use your calendar to schedule times to work on your most important tasks. This will help you re-focus on what is critical and enable you to sleep better at night. If you show up at the office the next morning, and priorities have changed, you will be in a better position to handle crises, be flexible, and adjust your schedule.

Thank you!

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Easiest tips to be fit?

Too bored to hit the gym? Here are 5 Fun ways to stay Fit!

1. Take a walking tour of your city.

On any other normal day, or a weekend, take a mere ride of your city, but wait! No vehicles please.

Walking through your city will bring you two benefits – One, it will give you time to explore your city and its people and Second, you will burn down on your calories.

You can see, A walk for keeping your mind and body healthy. It gives you mental pleasure which is very important for one to be fit.

2. Zumba

Well, one can call it a fitness club party where you won’t even need drinks to dance.

With Zumba, the workout doesn’t even look like a workout.

An average person can burn up to a 1000 calorie in a Zumba class. And please call it a heaven for the people who love to dance. It’s too much fun and it’s also not tough because you feel energetic while performing zumba.

3. Trekking

Who wouldn’t like burning down the calories to a beautiful view. You can just pin some treks to your bucket list and hit the mountains and those jungles every weekend.

You will burn down a lot of calories as you reach that awesome view. Additionally, you will be above all the city chaos and bring peace to your mind. A Healthy mind leads to a healthy life. And healthy life makes you fit.

4. Hit the ground

You won’t see fitness coming to you when you are a sports enthusiast. Exercise and sports can burn significant calories.

The number of calories you burn depends on your weight and physical capabilities, the sport or activity and intensity level. Apart from burning the calories, Sports keeps your heart healthy and boosts your self-esteem and increases your fitness.

5. Try something new.

This can be the best way to keep yourself healthy. The world is full of activities which can be fun and can keep you healthy at the same time. You can plan on doing things that you haven’t done before.

You can ride horses, go hiking, get involved in some community service, or you can even play pokemon go if you haven’t played this awesome calorieburning game.

Easy, Isn’t it? Now you know how to plan your fun road to fitness.

Thank you!

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How do I smile more?

Smile is an art and the one who acts well is an artist. Smile is something that catches the attention of a person faster than the speed of light. Smiling is important in life. It also affect mental, physical and emotional state of a person.

There are few tips to have a beautiful smile.

Stop comparing yourself.

Just know that you’re beautiful and the best version of yourself. You are your only competitor. You need to believe in yourself and smile. You are not meant to be compared.

Stop getting affected by backstabbers.

Backstabbers are the most dangerous ones. They pretend to be the sweetest on your face, but trust me no one can hate you more than them. They are the creepiest of humans. Jealousy lies deep within them. So, stay away from such people and eventually you will feel that your life has become better and you’ll smile.

Have some goals for the day.

Don’t be aimless. Just like sunrise and sunsets are constant, make your plans a constant thing too. Maybe you’ll fail in the beginning, but that’s okay. Failing is better than not trying. You should smile because you tried your best. Isn’t it? We deserve that. O yes!

Take a walk to breathe some fresh air.

Being packed in home,in a room or cabin can be monotonous and will dull your enthusiasm and the way you lay your eyes on stuffs. You want fresh air, you need that oxygen to bring back your nerves. To make you feel alive and help you smile once again.

Have enough water.

Hydrating our body is one of the most important and underrated things we continuously do. But hydrating body helps you to be light. It helps you to be active and fresh. You will feel that your digestion gets better and you also get a glowing skin. Your skin shines and your cheeks smile.

Feel confident.

Confidence helps you smile. It makes you feel powerful and strong. It makes you believe that you are your own perfection.

Believe in quality than quantity.

It doesn’t matter if you have a bunch of friends. Even a single friend is enough to give you the feeling of a group. Imagine being in a group with all the fake people. It’s suffocating. On the other hand, imagine yourself being with a single person but yo feel complete, you feel happy and satisfied. You feel your heart at rest and mind at peace. Yes, believing in quality is always better than quantity. Quality helps you smile, quantity dosen’t.

Give importance to yourself.

You know this that you are important to yourself but you generally forget to give yourself a treat and pat on your back. Give yourself that pamper you need and see how pretty is your smile irrespective of the gender and race.

Thank you!

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How to avoid distraction?

Throw jealousy in dustbin:

The major problem right now the people are suffering is JEALOUSY. Don’t be jealous on someone’s success, go there and help him celebrate his success, this will bring positivity in yourself, and you will have a positive mind. If you will become happy for someone on their success, then tomorrow he will be happy for you for your success. Try to learn from others, go there and interview that person, how he became successful and try to follow his strategies so it will help you to achieve yours. Jealousy is not a solution for a problem.

2. Read books:

Reading is a very effective way of knowing the world. Books get you close to the world. They help you to understand the world. Reading books make you aware of your past and tells you about the future. Books are source of motivation as well, there are many books worldwide which are highly inspirational, a book like ALCHEMIST can change your life. Books help you to feel more confident, develop your personality, and draw you towards perfection.

3. Morning Walk:

Morning walk is very necessary for the maintenance of your health. It helps you to keep fit and healthy. If you go for morning walk, it makes you different from others. It gives a great pleasure when you inhale morning air, which refreshes your mind and keep you alert whole day. It’s very important to maintain physical health and mental health because a healthy body lives in a healthy mind.

4. Hard work:

There is famous quotation that we have been hear from our childhood is, “Hard work is the key towards success.” And it’s true. If you want to achieve something in your life that hard work is very necessary. Without doing hard work you cannot expect a good outcome, for being successful, hard work is the first step. If you have a dream [ a dream that don’t let you to sleep] then for achieving it, you must do hard work. If you will do hard work + smart work then there is no one to stop you. Always have a strong determination towards your dream.

5. Don’t take social media as a distraction, just balance your time.

Over use of social media is really bad. Make a plan for a day and devote sometime to social media as well. If you are doing your work, then don’t involve social media and if you are using social media then don’t make involve your work. Social media is important too, because it keeps you aware of your surrounding just by a touch, nowadays if we just take an example of Corona Virus, than social media has played a vital role to make us aware of this disease, its symptoms, Do and Don’ts , precautions, and about the latest update of this disease .

Hope you find it helpful.

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How to be a morning person?

To create a morning schedule, just add some good habits to your current lifestyle – it will dramatically improve your life. To get you started, below is a list of little things you can add to your morning routine to have a good day.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Resist the snooze


Time required: A few seconds (and a lot of willpower)

It could be tempting to hit the snooze button and get those ten minutes of extra sleep. Mind you, it’s going to do more harm than good. Ideally, the human body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to be at its optimum best. So, make the tough call to wake up as soon as your alarm starts ringing.

Benefits of waking up early:

● Sense of accomplishment

● More time for other activities

● Relaxed start of the body

2. Drink a glass of water


Time required: One minute or less

It’s a good practice to drink water as the first thing in the morning. As you’ve had a sound sleep for about 6-8 hours, your body gets dehydrated. Add lemon, cucumber, ice cubes or just drink it straight up. It starts your metabolism on the right note and keeps your digestive processes running smoothly.

Benefits of drinking water:

● Replenishes water levels

● Refreshes body and mind

● Better metabolism

3. Be grateful

Time required: Five minutes

It’s always a great idea to start your day on a positive note and what better way than practicing gratitude. Life becomes a blessing when you start treating it like one. Being grateful increases your long-term well-being by more than 10percent which is the same as doubling your income. Successful people like that of Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington always take out time to be grateful from their hectic schedules.

Benefits of practicing gratitude:

● Makes you happier and optimistic

● Strengthens your emotions

● Makes you more likable

4. Complete a 7-minute workout


Time required: 7-10 minutes (including warm-up)

It could be hard to find time to exercise when you are spending more than 10 hours at work. However, if you could just spare 7 minutes to break a sweat in morning, you’re going to have a super-productive day at work. You can easily find several seven-minute workout apps for your Android phones and iPhones.

Benefits of exercising:

● Strengthens muscles and bones

● Increases energy levels

● Reduces risk of chronic diseases

5. Choose your 3 MITs for the day

Time required: 5-7 minutes

As a part of your morning routine, develop a habit of making to-do lists and planning your day. The most effective way to go about it is to choose your three most important tasks (MIT) for the day. It will help you stay focused on things that actually matter so that you can plan your day keeping your priorities straight. You can use tools to plan, prioritize, and manage daily tasks.

Benefits of making to-do lists:

● Creates order and structure

● Lets you coordinate similar tasks

● Makes you more accountable

6. Read a book


Time required: 15-30 minutes

If you think that gone are those days when you could find time to leisurely read your favorite book or novel, you are wrong. By carving out 15-30 minutes every morning, you can read whatever you want and expand your knowledge. Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs are one of those people who read multiple newspapers and books to stay updated and relevant.

Benefits of reading in morning:

● More likely to grasp information faster

● Improves concentration levels

● Fewer distractions and disturbances

7. Keep your phone away


Time required: A few seconds (with constant reminders)

Phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. So much so that people start searching for it before they even open their eyes. Checking social media accounts and replying to emails isn’t a great thing to do as the first thing in the morning. Keep a fixed time for phone usage and use morning time for something constructive.

Benefits of less phone usage:

● More time for other things

● Keeps your brain relaxed

8. Eat a real breakfast


Time required: 5-10 minutes

Eating healthy and nutritious food is essential for your well-being. Make it a priority to have a power breakfast every morning. It will provide required nutrients to the body to enable it to be productive and efficient all day long. Include everything to have a wholesome meal. Try incorporating fruits, veggies, salads, lentils to not miss out on essential minerals and vitamins.

Benefits of power breakfast

● Promotes healthy eating habits

● Keeps weight and body mass index in check

● Better skin

9. Watch an Inspiring video

Time required: 5-10 minutes

The best way to start your day is by watching kickass motivational videos or listening to some foot-tapping numbers. It fills you with much-needed energy and empowers you to tap into your potential.

Benefits of watching motivational content:

● Uplifts mood

● Fills you with motivation

● Inspires to take action


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How to have a beautiful day?


Are you the one who thinks that their days are not beautiful. Don’t worry, by the end of this blog you will get your broken peices but it’s you will have to keep them in place. I am sure you will do that. So, let’s get into it.

Avoid being a night owl.


Yes. You need to sleep early to have a fresh morning the next day. If you sleep late, your body automatically feels low the next morning you wake up. You will feel slow and down. It might be tough for few of us to sleep early but trust me, that’s the basic point of having a beautiful day. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and feeling all fresh and ready for the day. It feels beautiful and good. Right? Give it a trial if you are a night owl. I too was a night owl once, but I have learned over time, the time we don’t sleep at night is the time wasted.

Read good books.


Reading good books is a life savior. You can read any book of your favorite writer. There are plenty of options available in shops or online. You need those books to make you aware that you have your life put together and you are your own boss. Beautiful and charming. You know exactly what’s the right thing for you.

Listen to your favorite motivational speakers or read your favorite writers article.


If you are a good listener, prefer listening your favorite motivational and inspirational speakers and if you’re a good reader, read articles of your favorite writers. It will boost your confidence and you will feel better. You will feel your aura you will feel beautiful. Even I do this, when I feel I am lacking that spark in me. We are humans, and it’s okay to actually not be okay but you need to get that on track.

Cut out the negative people from your life.


This is like the best thing ever. Cutting and throwing the negativity out of your life is the best decision a person can make to make his/her beautiful. Negative people actually never want anything good for you,so keeping them in your life eventually starts affecting you, your career, your passion, everything. It’s always better to get rid of those trash.

Plan your days.


Make a daily schedule. Plan your next day at night. You can plan it on a daily planner, monthly planner or simply make a dairy of your plans. But I insist you to do this because this is something which will help you be in peace. You can tick the items you succeed in doing and keep the rest for the other time. You can actually

Take a break from your daily routine


Take a break as it becomes monotonous to be in the same routine every day. You ain’t a robot man, you need a cheat day too. You need that cheat day to actually do what you enjoy doing. To feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful.



Stand in front of the mirror and smile. Dosen’t matter if you have those perfect eyes, lips, nose ,jawline,etc. Trust me, that doesn’t have anything to do with you feeling beautiful. It’s the confidence you carry and the way you acknowledge people. You are your own power, belie in yourself.

Don’t ponder over your past

Don’t think too much and let your past come in between your dreams. You are meant to be absolutely beautiful and you need to move on from the things, your past. Be it a good memory or bad, it’s gone and you have to accept it. You need to know that all you have to make yourself feel special is the present. Feel your vibes.

Appreciate yourself for successfully utilizing the present day.


You did it. Didn’t you? You made to the end of the day. It dosen’t matter if you didn’t cross your every to do list of the day. Feel happy that you tried doing it. Feel beautiful for being such a genuine person to yourself. Appreciate your imperfections and happily work over it. You’re beautiful by the end of the day.

Thank you!

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How to be alive?

Surround yourself with your well wishers.

The most important point to feel alive is to surround yourself with the people who really love you and not with the ones who are great at pretending. People who are fake are actually real heroes. So, you need to shoot and throw them out of your empire. You need a positive spirit to grow and be alive.

Avoid negative interactions.


Once you shoot the fake ones out of your life, you save yourself from destruction. They are those slow sweet poisons of life. They can never see your good and will always have a counter plan for it. So, it’s better to stay away from people who throw their negative energy on you and make you feel dead.

Meditate for a while when you feel low.


It’s ok, if you come in the queue of the one’s whi don’t meditate. I am not here to advise you to meditate every morning but I will definitely advise you to meditate when you feel low. Meditate when you feel distracted. Meditate to bring back your nerves. Meditate for your own happiness and to feel that alive spirit.

Feel your confidence.


Confidence is the best dress a person can ever wear. If you wear the most expensive dress of your closet, but you don’t feel that confidence. It’s worthless. On the other hand, if you wear a torn Jean’s but feel confidence, that’s where you are. You’re going great. Confidence not only changes a person’s personality but also the perspectives. Confidence is important to feel alive.

Listen to your inner voice.

It’s not everytime your inner voice hints you, so when you get stuck by that voice. Pause for a moment and listen to it. Maybe, you can be saved from something that was about to happen. Inner voice is just like the hidden life in you. If you connect to your inner voice, you feel alive. You feel your warmth.

Push yourself to be a better person.


Yesterday turns to today and today will eventually turn to yesterday again. What we are waiting for is the future but trust me future is nothing if your present situation does matter to you. You can build up yourself every single second of the day. There’s no past, so push yourself to be better person every second. Maybe the future you are waiting for, is looking for this change.

Embrace your flaws.


Everybody is imperfect. Imperfection is itself a beauty. It’s obvious that no human is perfect, everyone’s struggling to get somewhere near their dreams. But in meanwhile, they forget to embrace the flaws. Flaws are just beautiful and the best helping hands. Once you start accepting your flaws and start working on them, their is when you start being alive.

Balance your emotions not control.


Being emotional is okay. It’s okay to love, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to laugh, feel sad, depressed, anxious, rude, at times. What is not okay is to let their emotions persist. No matter how hard your emotions are, you need to know the balance between your emotions. Balancing emotions is an art and the one who knows it becomes an artist. Once you know the law of balance, you feel alive.

Thank you!

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How to come out of depression?

Step 1 / Getting out of the denial

Every depression should be an opportunity to reflect on your personal story, to take care of yourself and, therefore, to serve your personal development. For that, one condition: get out of denial.

Accept the idea that you are in trouble and no longer wish to live as if nothing had happened.

Paradoxically, even though they know that something is not working in their lives, many people put everything in place to avoid solving their problem. Often, they even try to forget it in compulsive practices or in medication.

However, according to the theory of “positive depression“, to do everything to remain deaf to his suffering is to miss the message that our body and our head try to send us. “Depression says “Stop! Stop lying to yourself. You’re not there,”.

It is a mechanism that allows you to avoid tensions, to stand by to finally take the time to reassess your life. “Not working on the meaning of your pain would therefore mean not opening a letter you have received.

Step 2 / Hearing the child crying inside you

Just as fever or pain reveal a microbial focus in the event of a physical problem, depressive disorder often speaks of suffering linked to an old and unconscious imaginary guilt. “Whatever the trigger, when depressed mood intensifies, persists and freezes any desire, it can be said that the cause of the problem is early childhood depression,”.

In summary, this means that unhappiness often reflects distress, that of a person’s own inner child.

“As I retraced the stories of my depressed patients, I noticed that the vast majority of them evoked, at one time or another, a psychological unavailability of their mother during pregnancy or during their early childhood. Unavailability due to marital, family, personal or professional concerns… Thus, although she did her best to manage everything, sometimes even by smothering too much, the feeling of abandonment felt by the baby created an injury which, in adulthood, is illustrated by a strong feeling of guilt, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of loneliness, criticism, indifference…”.

Whether you are directly concerned by the disease or if it affects someone close to you, know how to observe. Do you notice a perpetual quest for love and attention, an irrepressible need to be warmed up, reassured? If the answer is yes, it is because the inner child calls for help. And that he must therefore be treated.

Step 3 / Start psychotherapy

“By releasing speech, therapy, whether or not associated with medication, allows the patient to recognize that it is time to let go and especially to give meaning to what he is going through. It acts as an engine for a change of mind,” .

To understand why one makes a depression always requires starting an inner pilgrimage.

However, nothing is more difficult than to do it alone. This is why meeting a therapist is essential to dive into your pain safely.

Step 4 / Change your behavior

If depression is a sign that something is not right, it is obvious: some harmful habits must be abandoned and others adopted. It would be too simple to believe that you just have to leave someone or change jobs to solve your problems,. In reality, we need to take a step back from our past in order to change certain ways of thinking and reacting. Thus, it is often a question of the patient learning to say “no”. Not for the pleasure of opposing, but to be heard, to be loved for oneself and not only for what one gives.

But be careful, you must also develop the ability to say “no” to yourself. No to its failings, to its defense mechanisms. “It’s about becoming good parents for yourself,. Becoming your own mother when you have difficulty taking care of your body, your food, for example.

Or take on the role of a father who is attentive to himself when it comes to protecting himself from certain destructive behaviors. Changing the way we look at ourselves allows us to no longer confuse ourselves with the crying child and thus to transform our inner emptiness into energy.

Step 5 / Bounce, finally!

It is the “snowball” effect of the therapy work that gradually leads the patient to escape from the depressive phenomenon and finally find a new balance. And (re)knot with happiness? Unquestionably.

I remember a 35-year-old woman who came to see my friend in depression after a break-up,. She quickly began to relate her childhood and her injury from being raised in part by her grandmother because she had lived that period as an abandonment. However, she realized, thanks to the analysis, that she had always had an infantile behavior with her companion.

She sought fusion, was jealous, exclusive: everything indicated that she was not in an adult position in this story but, on the contrary, that she was asking the man she loved to play the role of a maternal substitute. This awareness gradually led her to accept her story so as not to play it over again and no longer fill her inner emptiness through another.

And therefore to regain his subjectivity: no more pretending to love tennis as her friend. She started painting again, doing things alone without anxiety. Then, more psychically autonomous, she met a new companion whom she could love as a woman, that is, by being in desire and no longer in need.

Step 6 / Live more free and more mature

Even observation, depression can be profitable thanks to the installation of a new living environment.

I saw a 49-year-old woman who was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (washing, cleaning…) and depression. It soon became apparent that she felt caught between a gruff husband and wealthy parents who were fixing her husband’s mismanagement.

She was a woman who said yes to everything and felt obliged to take responsibility for everything. The therapy consisted in working on her self-confidence, but also on the notion of refusal, which was difficult because of her guilt. Little by little, she learned to put her spouse in front of her financial responsibilities, to tell her parents that their money did not let them control her life and, through a cascading effect, she was able to appropriate her existence, have personal plans and see her tocs disappear.

If depression is not an opportunity in itself, it can therefore be an opportunity to heal ourselves durably from our past and even to leave… more free and more mature.

Thank you!


How to improve myself?

Stop making your life a public entertainment.


By that I mean that stop discussing every part of your life to anyone you meet and talk for few minutes. They can be your best companion but that not always mean that they are your saviours. You need to find the right person to speak your heart out and if you fail, then I still have something to rescue you. It’s always better to write your feelings in a dairy or if you feel writing annoying just stand infront of the mirror and talk to yourself. Talk to yourself till the point you feel situation improved and you start feeling better.

Stop complaining about life. No one’s life is perfect.

Trust me. People who portray their lives to be the most perfect one are also deep inside complaining about something. The difference is that they know to hide it well because they are mature enough to know that in this world, there is no room for complaints and sadness. People will stick to you in your good times and in your bad times, they will vanish even before you notice. So, be brave enough to deal with your situations all by yourself and improve your life.

Stop crying over little things. Many cry for the stuffs you own but they can’t afford.


Stop shedding tears for greed. Human breed is greedy. We keep increasing our target and never really feel satisfied. It’s such a curse. Once we reach our goal, we start feeling low again and instead of pampering and appreciating all those efforts we tie our shoe laces and level up. Life is a never ending video game now. The only way to never loose is to improve yourself everyday.

Be emotional. But not a fool.


Being emotional is okay. And by emotional, I mean to express yourself. To express your emotions of joy, sadness,love,hatred, anxiety, etc is okay. It doesn’t make you weak. What makes you weak is actually your confidence you have in yourself. You have to believe yourself first and then choose right person to share your emotions. When someone dosen’t listen to you, but always wants you to listen his/her problems, move from there. Just move. He/she is fooling you. Don’t be a fool just because you’re emotional. Being emotional is okay, being a fool is not.

Give what you get.


Do not give more than you get or else you will be hurt in the end. Be it anything like love, trust, loyalty, gifts, time,etc don’t give people too much if you don’t get the same from them. If you feel your efforts are more even after months or years of trying. Please pause for yourself. You deserve some better place. Don’t you? Improve.

Respect your parents.


Your parents deserve your respect and no one else does that for them. Believe me. Neither they expect from anyone to respect them in return of their love, but they do expect from you. All you need to do is talk to them politely and obey some of their rules. If you feel too restricted, talk to them. I am sure you will be surprised by the outcome. Parents never want to see their children sad but loves to see them improve.

Stop back bitching about other people.


We have a lot of stuffs to accomplish. Don’t we? So there’s no point of bitching or talking about anyone. Focus on yourself and cherish the changes. Be happy for the up gradations of your life. Talking or gossiping will take you no where but will definitely exhaust and depress your mind. So, take a moment to breathe and work on yourself. You’re the only power you need to improve.

Keep your living area clean.

A clean place leads to a healthy mind. And a healthy mind leads to productive thoughts. Productive thoughts leads to accuracy and accuracy leads to success. So, you’re getting the chain right? Great. It takes just few minutes to clean your space. Do that and embrace your success.

Thank you!

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Am I depressed? Why do i feel depressed? What is depression?

This question might have surely crossed your mind for once.

I’m sorry you are feeling this way. I know it’s terrible. Let me try to shed some light on your situation so that you have an idea what’s going on.

The reason you are having a lot of negative thoughts is because your mind is idle.

The reason your mind is idle is because you don’t have energy to do anything.

The reason you don’t have energy to do anything is because you are channeling the bulk of your energy into suppressing your emotions, as a result of your negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts -> negative emotions -> use energy to suppress emotions -> no energy to do anything else -> mind is idle -> more negative thoughts

The fear that you will not be normal is one such negative thought. It’s all connected, but it can be hard to see when you’re in the thick of it. It’s all one big haze, one neverending cloud of darkness.

The first thing to realise is that you cannot trust your own thoughts.

That’s scary, I know.

But when you’re in the midst of a depressive episode, you cannot trust your own mind. That means some of the things that your mind thinks are real, some are not, and you are unable to differentiate which is which.

In such times when you can’t even trust your own mind, who can you trust?

  • your parents
  • your spouse
  • your best friend
  • your therapist

Pick one or two, and trust that person’s words over your own, against your better judgement because during these times, your judgement is impaired.

The second thing to do is to reduce the number of thoughts that come to mind. Remember, the reason you have so many is because your mind is idle. Give your mind something to do.

I highly encourage going out into the sun and doing some vigorous exercise. Sunlight and exercise and great ways to lift the cloud of darkness around you, for physiological reasons.

You may feel like you don’t have energy. This is a negative thought your mind feeds you with and it is lying to you. You have in you to do it.

Once you give your idle mind something to do, it will produce fewer negative thoughts. This creates fewer negative emotions, and you will channel less energy towards suppressing them.

This frees up more energy for you. Use this to see a therapist. Learn new skills, such as how to manage your emotions better.

Third, learn what are the triggers that cause a depressive episode to occur and avoid them.

Depression is a sign that the way you’ve been living your life thus far isn’t working. Hence, you need to change some things in your life.

Start with your triggers. They are the most obvious signs.

To recap:

ONE: Realise you can’t trust your own mind. Find someone you can trust.

TWO: Reduce the number of negative thoughts by giving your mind something to do. Vigorous exercise highly encouraged.

THREE: Learn what triggers your depressive episodes.

Remember, depression is a self-defense mechanism telling you that the way you’ve been living your life isn’t working.

To get out of depression requires a lifestyle change. Don’t be under the illusion that this will be a simple change of sleeping time. Likely there are multiple factors that have contributed to your depression.

You may have to change your job, your diet, your sleeping habits, your exercise routine, your religion, and/or the people you hang out with.

Step by step. Bit by bit. You’ll be a new person at the end of this. A better person.


Thank you!

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